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Ozagrese Tech™

Ozagrese Tech™ is a highly concentrated enzyme-based degreaser based with novel features. Ozagrese Tech™ is very effective in industrial applications such as cleaning of production lines, use in the construction industry, or the maintenance of turbines and transformers.







Advantages of Ozagrese Tech™

• Emulsifies oils and mechanical greases making them easy to clean.
• Anti-redeposition properties protecting cleaned surfaces from dirt after the cleaning is done.
• Fast Acting.
• Contains no solvents, produces no harmful or flammable vapour, and does not require any special precautions in using.
• Biological product that is safe and does not realease harmful chemicals to the environment.
• Stable at room temperature with no special requirements for transportation and storage.


• Biodegradable according to OCDE 301E
• Validated effectiveness according to the General Standards Board (CGSB (F) 2-GP-11M)
• Non-toxic to aquatic life
• Approved by Health Canada