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Oza-net™ is a cleaner-degreaser based enzyme mixture with powerful features for household cleaning: kitchen, countertop, cooktop hoods, floor, ceramic, sinks and toilets.





Advantages of Oza-Net™

• Outstanding cleaning power in the kitchen that removes grease, milk and formula residues and general kitchen messes.
• Works great for all general household purposes: uses it to clean the bathroom, wash the car or bikes, scrub the deck, or anywhere cleaning is needed.
• Neutral pH that is safe for wood, glass, ceramic, vinyl, and plastic.
• Does not release harmful or flammable vapors guaranteeing safety for users and environment.



• Biodegradable according to OCDE 301E
• Validated effectiveness according to the General Standards Board (CGSB (F) 2-GP-11M)
• Non-toxic to aquatic life
• Approved by Health Canada