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Oza-Steel™ is an enzyme-based rust remover rst of its kind to target rust on different types of metals without the use of acids. Indeed, OzasteelTM naturally removes rust completely in one application. It removes rust from tools, industrial equipment, car bodies, and valves. 


ozasteel productsAdvantages of Oza-SteelTM

• It is safe on all surfaces and will not harm copper, brass, aluminium.
• It is not toxic to users and does not release harmful or am- mable vapors, in deed it does not require protective equip- ment for users.
• It does not contain acids or alkalis and its formula is com- pletely biological without mineral solvents avoiding risks for environment.
• It removes rust using hands-off spray or soaking of metal without brushing.





• Biodegradable according to OCDE 301E 
• Its effectiveness has been validated according to the General Standards Board (CGSB (F) 2-GP-11M) 
• Non-toxic to aquatic life 
• Approved by Health Canada