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Ozymes’s Industrial Solutions

As Ozymes’s proprietary enzymes are unlike any other enzymes on the market, superior and novel solutions are available to your customers.

Ozymes’s enzyme technology offers biodegradable replacement for harsh chemicals used often in detergents. Once added, our enzymes will make detergents safer, milder in pH, and reduce water and energy consumption as required temperatures for effective cleaning drop. Additional savings will also be realized as the life of the equipment and textile will be extended.

The secret ingredient:
Ozymes’s proprietary enzymes with catalytic and targeted action can be used in unlimited application opportunities including:

  • Laundry
  • Surgical instrument cleaning
  • Clean In Place

The results of adding our enzymes will be realized in many aspects:

  • Improved cleaning as each enzyme has a specific soil that it will destroy
  • Cost-saving efficiency
  1. Shorter cleaning cycles at lower temperatures
  2. Extending the lifetime of equipment and textile
  3. Concentrated detergents that are cheaper to ship and store
  • Flexibility of application as our enzymes can be used for small and industrial scale cleaning in either manual and automatic
  • Improved environmental profile of your organization

For more detailed information about Ozymes’s proprietary enzymes and they can help offer your customers superior performance please contact us.